Bilderberg 2013


The Grove isn’t a luxury hotel like any other. Located in the magnificent countryside of London, this majestic house, built in the 17th century, offers on its properties’ outskirts a luxurious golf course, a high quality spa as well as 300 acres of land occupied by prairies, a water canal, a forest and numerous green areas.
The Queen Victoria herself had the pleasure to spend her weekends in this cozy environment.
It’s on top of the hill location, makes it look like a castle: the castle of the Grove.
An enchanting spot that is perfect for hosting high interest quality events and very important meetings. By the way, an unknown conference was held at the Grove hotel from June 6th until the 9th 2013: the annual Bilderberg meeting.
An informal meeting accessible only via invitation roughly composed of 130 very influential individuals from the world of politics, economics and media, who mainly originate from North America and Europe.
Hence a secret atmosphere lays around this operation. The main national and international media show little interest for the Bilderberg event, above all in order to avoid conflict of interest.
In June 2013, the Grove territory changes. A large extension of security forces spreads inside the private property and extends even onto public places. My interest focuses on these areas, these border limits that change everyday throughout the course of the meeting. My physical position and my constant interactions with the police forces play an important role in my approach.
Equipped with a bike, a 35mm digital camera and a topographical map of the region, I was able to explore all the margins of this safety zone. Of course, let’s not forget a GPS to geo-locate my movements and my pictures.
I also used a recorder in order to verbally document my thought process.